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Designed to give a unique, modern and stylish dining experience. Cretan Cooking Classes brings a restaurant style dining experience to your very own home or accommodation.

Cretan Cooking Classes brings everything needed to serve you including plates, cutlery and specialist cooking equipment and clean everything up after as if they were never there. Enjoy a night of good company and fine food.

To finish the experience, the chef provides a cooking demonstration at your table as part of your dessert. This also gives you time for a question and answer with your own personal chef.

Request your Private Chef in Chania and in Rethymnon.

Cretan Menu

Appetizer Options:Dakos Or Graviera saganaki with sesame ,figs and honey

First Course Options:Cretan Salad Or Green Salad with apaki (Smoked pork)

Main Course Options:Tsigariasto (Stewed goat in wine sauce) Or Arnaki Stamnagathi aygolemono(Lamb in casserole)

Dessert Options:Sfakiani pitta (Cretan pie with mizythra cheese and honey) Or Yogurt with honey and walnuts

Seafood Menu

Appetizer Options:Shrimps Saganaki with feta cheese Or Steam mussels with oyzo and fresh tomatoes

First Course Options:Cretan salad Or Horta vrasta with potatoes & zucchini(Boiled greens with olive oil and sea salt)

Main Course Options:Grilled fish with Vegetables(The catch of the Day with grilled vegetables)

Dessert Options:Baklavas Or Kantaifi



BBQ Menu

Appetizer Options:Dips with pita bread (tzatziki ,melitzanosalata and olive oils) Or Dolmadakia with yogurt(Rice in vino leaves with aromatic herbs)

First Course Options:Green salad with dry fruits,cherry tomatoes and dry anthotiro Or Cretan Salad

Main Course Options:Grilled meat platter with pancetta, Cretan sausages, chicken skewers ,lamp chops pork skewers and beef burgers served with grilled vegetables Or Grilled Seafood platter (+€ 10) with Fish fillet, octopus, shrimps, calamari and cuttlefish served with grilled vegetables

Dessert Options:Tiramisu Or Galaktompoureko


Vegeterian Menu

Appetizer Options:Dolmadakia (Vino leaves with rice and aromatic herbs) Or Kolokythokeftedes (Zucchini patties)

First Course Options:Cretan Salad Or Dakos(Barley rusk topped with tomato,myzithra cheese,olive oil and oregano)

Main Course Options:Gemista (Staffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs Or Rissoto with mushrooms and graviera cheese

Dessert Options:Yogurt with Cretan honey Or Fruit Salad



Spina Muscat 2016, Strataridakis Estate,Kasteliana Heraklion. Grape: Spina Muscat

Dafni 2016, Lyrarakis Estate,Alagni, Heraklion. Grape: Dafni

Xerolithia PDO 2016, Mediterra Wines, Peza, Heraklion. Grape: Vilana

Aspros Lagos 2016, Douloufakis Estate, Dafnes, Heraklion. Grape: Vidiano

Prinos 2015, Diamantakis Estate, Asites Heraklion. Grape: Chardonnay – Malvasia di Candia

Wild Ferment 2016, Gaia Estate, Santorini, Cyclades Islands. Grape: Assyrtiko Rizitis 2016, Dourakis Winery, Alikabos, Chania. Grape: Vilana

Mandinia PDO 2016, Bosinakis Estate, Mandinia, Arcadia. Grape: Moschofilero

Ergo 2016, Lantides Estate, Korinth. Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Fume 2014, Papaioannou Estate, Ancient Nemea. Grape: Chardonnay

Melissinos 2016, Paterianakis Winery, Meleses, Heraklion. Grape: Thrapsathiri – Sauvignon Blanc



Kudos 2015, Dourakis Winery, Alikambos, Chania. Grape: Grenache

Melissinos 2016, Paterianakis Winery, Melesses Heraklion. Grape: Syrah - Kotsifali

Idylle d’ Achinos 2015, La Tour Melas, Stylida. Grapes: Grenache – Syrah - Agiorgitiko



Kotsifali 2014, Estate Lyrarakis, Alagni, Heraklion. Grape: Kotsifali

Nostos Grenache 2013, Manousakis Winery, Vatolakkos, Chania. Grape: Grenache

Paterianaki Estate, Peza PDO 2012, Meleses, Heraklion. Grapes: Mandilari - Kotsifali

Little Prince 2016, Karavitakis Winery, Pontikiana, Chania. Grape: Kotsifali - Mandilari

Mandilari 2013, Estate Lyrarakis, Alagni, Heraklion. Grape: Mandilari

Psithiros 2010, Estate Silva Daskalaki, Siva, Heraklion. Grapes: Liatiko - Merlot

Portes 2013, Skoyras Estate, Argos. Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon

Nemea PDO 2012, Estate Driopi, Nemea. Grape: Agiorgitiko

Eclipse 2012, Gentilini Estate, Cephalonia, Ionian Islands. Grape: Mavrodaphni



Moscato d’ifesta Chatzigeorgiou PDO Limnos, Muscat

Κaranikas Brut Cuvee Special Local Wine of Florina, xinomavro

Akakies Kir-Yianni Estate PDO Amyndeo, xinomavro demi-sec roze

Prosecco Brut Spumante Bianco-Nero

Moscato d’ Asti Murray



Liastos Karavitakis PGI Crete, Romeiko

Malvazia di Candia Aromatica Douloufakis’12 Local wine of Herakleio

Muscat de Lemnos Hatzigeorgiou PGI Limnos , Muscat

Santo Wines Vinsanto’04 PDO Santorini, Asyrtiko

Aureo Efrosini Estate PDO Crete, Liatiko




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    Team building with food is a natural and fun opportunity for your corporate team leaders and employees to enhance their job achievement skills.



    Cretan Cooking Classes are a unique opportunity to discover the essence and secrets of Cretan traditional homemade specialties,an exclusive occasion to learn about Crete’s local gastronomy,its ingredients and origins.