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Kassakis Bros

The production of meat has been known since ancient times. Since Homeric Times (900 BC) they had already known the maintenance of meat with salt and fumigation, while in Odyssey there are details on the consumption of sausages. The word “allantiko” itself bears evidence on sausage production in Greece since ancient times. This word comes from the Greek word “allas in genitive form allatos” which means chopped meat inside intestine.

Eating sausages were particularly popular in Greece and Rome and during the period of Roman Empire. It is reported that Great Constantine tried by decree to ban the production and consumption of sausage but his attempt failed! The first small units of meat products production in our country were established in the early 1900’s in Lefkada and Mykonos. It is also mentioned that during the German Occupation, the Germans installed a small unit of sausage production in Athens. Consequently, any development of the sausage industry in our country occurred after 1950’s.

G. KASSAKIS BROS. LMT has been active since 1999 in the area of smoked traditional meat products. The company is located in the village of Galatas of Minoa Pediada Municipality. In the early 20th century, our great grandfather Kassakis George father Emmanuel, coming from the Lassithi plateau, having with him the genuine traditional Cretan recipes, dealt with the production of sausages, making them available in the surrounding villages!


Arkalochóri, Iraklion, Greece
Tel:+30 2891 023314
Email:  info@afoikassaki.gr





Company’s history

Terra Creta,was founded in early 2001, by Cretan visionaries with extensive knowledge and experience in olive oil production and sales.
Our first facility was located in the Souda region of Chania, Crete. From the company’s inception, Terra Creta’s founders focused on increasing exports and, at the same time, sustained a philosophy of corporate stability,  consistency and quality, with a deep commitment to the product’s organic and other quality characteristics.

One of the first products produced by the company was the PDO Kolymvari Chania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil.This legendary olive oil as been recognized the world over, and the tradition continues today.A need for more advanced and spacious facilities emerged in 2007, due to the rapid increase in demand for our exceptional products.

Kolymvari Chania
PC 73006, Crete, Greece
Tel: +302824083340-41, +30-6957500740
Fax: +302824083343
E-mail:  info@terracreta.gr
Skype:  terracreta


SEAze the Day

Rent a boat in Crete to discover Balos beach, the breathtaking coastline and the surrounding islands. Escape into the blue and feel the true magic of the Mediterranean sea.

Our mission is to make you relax, enjoy the sea and live like a local at sea in Crete.

SEAze The Day was founded in 2018 as a boat rental service in Chania by Panagiotis and Minos, two experienced captains and fishermen. They started taking travellers from Chania on boat tours around Crete. These boat trips in Crete, powered the creation of two experiences; our fishing trips and our very popular sunset trips.

Until today, we continue to provide the best sea experiences in Crete.


Chania, Crete, Greece

Tel: +30 697 369 6101

Email: info@seazetheday.gr

Site: http://www.seazetheday.gr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/seazetheday.greece/




Kalogeraki Bros is a family business from Heraklion, Crete, which has been active in the dairy industry since 1949. Having passion and respect for tradition but also being committed to quality, has over the years succeeded in becoming one of the largest dairies in Crete .

Today there are 100 reasons that make us feel even more proud of our products.It is the 100 milk collection points we have all over Crete.
Our people take care of collecting the freshest milk daily with the help of the more than 550 collaborating livestock breeders throughout the Cretan countryside, collecting the highest percentage of sheep and goat milk yield per year.
We transport from all parts of Crete and process up to 60 tons of milk per day to the owners, state-of-the-art 25,000-square-meter plant in Smari Pediados.From the distribution center, located in the Heraklion Industrial Area, we take care our products to delivered with safety to all of Crete, the rest of Greece and abroad.
We work hard to produce the most delicious and quality products.The production process is certified according to the ISO 22000: 2005 quality assurance standard as well as the IFS international standard.

We move forword with a big vision:
The spread of Cretan dairy products beyond the limits of the Greek market and the transference of the Cretan diet.
We dream of becoming the ambassadors not only of the good Cretan cheese but also of the greatness of the Cretan diet as it contributes to longevity and welfare.

Heraklion Industrial Area, Crete
T: +30 2810 330 711-12
E: info@kalogeraki.gr



MILLS OF CRETE is a company that commenced its flour milling operations in Souda Bay (Crete, Greece) in 1928.
Today, MILLS OF CRETE is among the biggest companies in Crete and the most important mills in Greece, with daily milling capacity of 450 tons of wheat and animal feed production capacity of 500 tons per day.

The modern techniques and technology used led to the production of a wide variety of flours for any usage that cover the current requirements of bread making and pastry making. Today for the needs of Professional customers are produced more from 300 types of flours. At the same time, the company’s experts can develop with the customers, mixtures of flours exclusively for them.

The exemplary way of operation of MILLS OF CRETE in the whole spectrum of activities concerned with Research and Development, Production and Marketing of products, was recognized by ELOT and the company was awarded the Certificate of Guarantee of Quality ELOT (ISO 9001).

Address: 40 Eth. Venizelou, Souda, Chania, Crete, Greece, GR 73200
Tel: +30 2821081380
Fax: +30 2821089898
E-mail: info@mills.gr
Free phone : 800 – 11- 44555


ABEA – “Anatoli” S.A.

ABEA – “Anatoli” S.A., as it used to be more commonly known, was founded in 1889 in Chania, Crete and is the oldest olive oil processing plant in Greece. Today it is active in many areas of activity:

  • Bottling and trading of Cretan extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and olive pomace oil
  • Production and marketing of olive oil soap
  • Refining of olive oil and olive pomace oil
  • Processing of olive oil-cake for the production of crude olive pomace oil and pomace.

Agrokipio, Municipality of Eleftherios Venizelos, Chania, Crete, Greece
PC 73100
Tel: +30 28210 96071, +30 28210 96072, +30 28210 96073
Fax: +30 28210 90556
E-mail: abea@abea.gr



BIOXYM is the first juice extracting company in Greece, founded in 1956 and remains today as one of the few factories in the country that is involved both in processing citrus fruit and bottling juices.
It receives fresh citrus fruit like oranges, mandarins, lemons, grape fruits from the bountiful valley of Chania. Cretan citrus fruit are what give BIOXYM its authentic taste, as well as the particularities of the climate provide great advantages to the crops.

Therissou 1, Chania, Crete, Greece
PC 73135
Tel: +30 28210-93861 , +30 28210-93957 , +30 28210-93022, 800 11 67000
Fax: +30 28210-95132
E-mail: info@bioxym.gr





Team building with food is a natural and fun opportunity for your corporate team leaders and employees to enhance their job achievement skills.



Cretan Cooking Classes are a unique opportunity to discover the essence and secrets of Cretan traditional homemade specialties,an exclusive occasion to learn about Crete’s local gastronomy,its ingredients and origins.