Q:What’s the difference between a Cooking class and a Private class?
A cooking class is open to anyone who wants to join; we run cooking classes and we determine the date, time, and menu. Private classes are closed to the public: a single group attends, and the Event Planner chooses the date, time, and menu after discussion with the participants. Private classes are for groups of 4 to 6 participants. (smaller groups are welcome of course, as long as the minimum payment is met).

Q:Are these classes demonstration style or hands-on?
All classes are hands-on so come ready to cook!

Q:What do I need to bring to the class?
You don’t need to bring anything! We will provide all equipment, groceries as well as an apron. You only need to charge up your energy and come to discover a great experience.

Q:What is your class size?
There is a maximum of 12 people per class. This allows us to provide enough individual attention to each person. We offer advice, reassurance and guidance if you are struggling with any cooking procedure.

Q:Do you do classes for just 2 people?
We can host a Private class for 2 people.For private cooking classes and you get to choose the date, time, and menu. For more information on hosting a private class please contact us .

Q:What is prior cooking experience necessary?
Absolutely not necessary! No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, our chefs and staff will take time to guide you through every step of the process. We welcome everybody of all levels to our friendly and fun cooking classes.

Q:What should I wear for my class?
We recommend you to wear anything comfortable, casual and suitable for cooking. For safety purpose, flat and closed toe shoes are recommended. An apron will be provided during the cooking class.

Q:What is the best way to book a class?
You may book your place online (through the website booking form or simply writing to us at info@cretancookingclasses.gr. We will contact you back in 12 hours or less.

Q:How can I cancel my reservation?
To cancel the booking, please contact us by writing to info@cretancookingclasses.gr. Your cancellation email must specify the exact cancellation class name, person name, date, and time.

Q:How much in advance do I need to book?
Please book your seat at least 48 hours in advance or since you have the date in mind. Our classes are small-size class so, it is easily full especially for some seasons of the year.

Q:Can I just show up on the class day?
It is important to book your seat before taking the class as we only prepare the ingredients to the right number of participants. However, if you really want to join the class at the very last moment, please give us a call to check for availability.

Q:Can our children join the cooking class?
Yes. Children aged between 6-12 years old are allowed to join their parents in the cooking class. We will charge 15 euro per child. To participate in the class, children are not allowed to have their own working station and must be accompanied by their parents. For children aged over 12 years old are allowed to get their own cooking station and pay full rates.

Q:Can I come alone? Or does everyone come as part of a couple?
Some people come alone, others with friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, family, or spouses. We always have a great mix of people in the kitchen.

Q:What if I have special dietary needs?
If you have special dietary requirements; food allergies or being vegetarian, you can let us know in advance and we will provide you with suitable ingredients. You can make a requirement through our online booking system or send us an email.

Q:Will I get to eat what we cooked?
Absolutely! After the cooking is finished, you will sit down comfortably for a full meal with your class companions, and taste everything we cooked together.

Q: I drink wine while cooking?
Sorry, no; we believe this is distracting and people will start chatting too much rather than cooking and learning. Once the cooking is done and you sit down, we do serve wine with the meal.

Q:Do you provide printed recipes?
Yes, you get a set to take home so you can recreate the menu at home. And if you ever lose your recipes, we’ll be happy to email them to you!


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The island of Crete offers a wide variety of raw materials thanks to its ideal climate and soil conditions. Cretans eat whatever their rich land produces. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, cheese and bread. They flavor the taste with wonderful herbs, prepare sweets with honey , and accompany their meal with good Cretan wine.