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100% Hands-on Experience


Based on authentic recipes and using fresh ingredients from the Cretan land we will take you on a unique journey of flavors and tradition. Experience the Cretan gastronomy, learn to create healthy dishes, cook with us…. A fun and interactive cooking class for any level of experience. Join our cooking classes ,a truly  hands-on experience with individual working  stations ,and enjoy the chance to learn new recipes from Crete and Mediterranean .  


Mountains of Crete

The longevity of Cretans is attributed to the products that nature produces such as wild greens and mountain herbs.Find out our traditions.

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Cretan Dream

The sea surrounding the Crete island hides treasures that Cretans developed combining seafood with other flavours.

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Cretan Secrets

The simplicity of Cretan dishes hides secrets of great importance for the result of unique flavours. Learn to create authentic Cretan meals based on traditional recipes.

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Minoan flavors

The timelessness of raw ingredients and traditional recipes from antiquity until now days is the starting point of the Cretan diet. Create dishes with identity.

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Culinary Events


Culinary team building is a fun activity that company employees should try if they are looking for a perfect corporate team bonding activity.Is an excellent way for your team members to get to know each other better while working together on a common goal. This activity is great for building camaraderie and team spirit! Team building with food is a natural and fun opportunity for your corporate team leaders and employees to enhance their job achievement skills.


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Gamopilafo (wedding rice)

Semolina with raisins and walnuts

Snails bourbouristoi with rosemary

Dough for kalitsounia & pies

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Experience our private Cretan cooking classes in your own place. With a focus on hands-on cooking create the perfect menu for you, adapting to your needs or special diet requirements. We will create a unique event for you and your guests!

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The island of Crete offers a wide variety of raw materials thanks to its ideal climate and soil conditions. Cretans eat whatever their rich land produces. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, cheese and bread. They flavor the taste with wonderful herbs, prepare sweets with honey , and accompany their meal with good Cretan wine.